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Submission deadline: 30 September 2024
Gedenkschrift for Prof. Stefan H. Foord
Edited by Galina Azarkina, Ansie Dippenaar-Schoeman, Charles Haddad, Robin Lyle, John MIdgley, Caswell Munyai

On behalf of the guest editors, we would like to invite submissions for a special issue to be published in African Invertebrates in remembrance of our colleague, Prof. Stefan Hendrik Foord. At the time of his passing, he was the NRF-SARChI Chair in Biodiversity Value and Change at the University of  ...

Papers published: 0
Permanent collection
Invertebrates in ecosystem interactions and services
Edited by Kirstin Williams, Thinandavha Caswell Munyai, Adam Shuttleworth

Invertebrates play a crucial role in all ecosystems, providing services like pollination, waste removal and recycling, and are often key indicators of ecosystem health. Papers covering biogeography, biology, ecology and conservation of invertebrates involved in ecosystem interactions and services wi ...

Papers published: 0
Permanent collection
The Diptera of Lesotho
Edited by John Midgley, Burgert Muller, Genevieve Theron, Kurt Jordaens
Despite various historic collections, the Diptera of Lesotho remains understudied. By enhancing the existing collections through targeted field expeditions, a resource for future research has been created. Authors have been invited to publish family accounts of various Diptera known from Lesotho as  ...
Papers published: 1   |  Total pages: 14
Africa (1)

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