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African Invertebrates 64(2) (2023)
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Festschrift for Jason Gilbert Hayden Londt
Torsten Dikow, Kirstin Williams, John Midgley
This special issue of African Invertebrates honours the career and achievements of Dr Jason G. H. Londt. While the majority of his career focussed on Asilidae, Dr Londt had a broad interest in entomology, collecting large numbers of other Diptera and other orders of insect. Throughout his career, he described more species of Afrotropical Asilidae and Bittacidae (Mecoptera) than any other author. This Festschrift covers the broad contributions that Dr Londt has made to Afrotropical entomology, both his collections that others have published and the advances he made to the body of knowledge. The issue will be published to coincide with Dr Londt's 80th birthday in 2023.

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