Neotherevella species, male gonocoxites (ventral view left, dorsal view right) with phallus in situ A, B Neotherevella arenaria (Lyneborg, 1976) C, D Neotherevella kozlovi (Zaitzev, 1971) E, F Neotherevella londti sp. nov. G, H Neotherevella macularis (Wiedemann, 1828). Scale bar: 0.25 mm.

  Part of: Winterton SL, Irwin ME, Mortelmans J (2023) ´╗┐Revision of the dune-associated stiletto flies of the genus Neotherevella Lyneborg, 1978 (Therevidae, Therevinae). In: Dikow T, Williams K, Midgley J (Eds) Festschrift for Jason Gilbert Hayden Londt. African Invertebrates 64(2): 109-138.