Bayesian Inference (BI) phylogenetic tree constructed using a codon nucleotide substitution model. Tugelana butleri is highlighted with a black box. Posterior probabilities (PP) from the two BI phylogenetic reconstructions are indicated above the nodes numerically (BIPPc = codon substitution model, BIPPn = nucleotide substitution model), and the bootstrap support values from the Maximum Likelihood analyses are shown in percentages below the nodes (MLBS). Nodes with BIPP > 0.95 and MLBS > 75 are considered well-supported.

  Part of: Villet MH, Edwards S (2021) The cicada genus Tugelana Distant, 1912 (Hemiptera, Cicadidae): phylogenetic position and conservation status. African Invertebrates 62(2): 399-410.