Calotheca danielssoni sp. nov. A habitus, ♂ (RSA: WCape, 10 Km S Citrusdal) B median lobe of aedeagus, from left to right in ventral, dorsal, and lateral view (RSA: WCape, 10 Km S Citrusdal) C ditto (holotype) D head, pronotum, and basal part of elytra, ♂ (RSA: WCape, Bidouw Valley) E spermatheca (RSA: WCape, Gifberg Pass). Abbreviations: bf = basal furrow; bl = basal lobe of dorsa ligula; dl = distal lobe of dorsa ligula; ds = distal sulcus; fg = frontal groove; pls = punctate lateral stria; vc = ventral carina; vs = ventral sulcus; ws = wrinkled surface. Scale bars: 2 mm (A); 1 mm (B, D); 0.5 mm (E).

  Part of: D’Alessandro P, Iannella M, Grobbelaar E, Biondi M (2021) Taxonomic revision of the Calotheca parvula species group from southern Africa, with descriptions of three new species (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae). African Invertebrates 62(1): 315-337.