Stuckenbergomyia species, male terminalia. 13 S. secunda (Smith), lateral view 14 S. secunda, dorsal view 15 S. tumbinensis (Smith), epandrium and proctiger, dorsal view 16 S. tumbinensis, phallus, dorsal view. Abbreviations: ej apod – ejaculatory apodeme, hypd – hypandrium, hyprct – hypoproct, pgt – postgonite, sur – surstylus, v apod – ventral apodeme. Scale bars: 0.1 mm.

  Part of: Sinclair BJ (2019) Revision of the southern African genus Stuckenbergomyia Smith, 1971 (Diptera, Empidoidea) and proposal of a new subfamily. African Invertebrates 60(1): 133-145.