Stuckenbergomyia secunda (Smith). 8 Holotype labels (upper label is reverse side of second label) 9 Holotype habitus, lateral view 10 Male habitus, Louwsberg specimen 11 Wing 12 Male foreleg, arrow pointing to fore tibial gland, posterior view. Abbreviations: cua – anterior cubital cell, CuA+CuP – anterior branch of cubital vein + posterior branch of cubital vein, dm – discal medial cell, M1 – first branch of media, M2 – second branch of media, M4 – fourth branch of media, Sc – subcostal vein. Scale bars: 1.0 mm (8–11); 0.5 (12).

  Part of: Sinclair BJ (2019) Revision of the southern African genus Stuckenbergomyia Smith, 1971 (Diptera, Empidoidea) and proposal of a new subfamily. African Invertebrates 60(1): 133-145.