Map of the chaetotaxy of the third instar larva of Graptomyza signata in lateral view showing the positions of the sensilla group. P – Prothorax, Ms – Mesothorax, Mt – Metathorax, A1–A7 – Abdominal segments, A8 – Anal segment. Sp – Anterior spiracle, Ll – Lateral lip, Psp – Primordia of pupal spiracles, Lpt – Lappets.

  Part of: Aracil A, Pérez-Bañón C, Mengual X, Radenković S, Ståhls G, Vujić A, Rojo S (2019) New information about the pre-imaginal morphology of genus Graptomyza (Diptera, Syrphidae, Volucellini): description of third-instar larva and re-description of puparium of G. signata (Walker, 1860). African Invertebrates 60(1): 15-30.