Habitats and photographs of Laphyctis eremia sp. n.: 1 dry Kuiseb riverbed at Gobabeb, Namib Desert, Namibia (23°33'35"S, 015°02'06"E) 2 view south over dry Kuiseb riverbed and Gobabeb Research & Training Centre from high dune 3–5 ♂ perching on dung in dry Kuiseb riverbed as shown in 1 (Morphbank #861457, 861459, 861461) 6 slope of high dunes at Homeb, Namib Desert, Namibia (23°38'34"S, 015°10'55"E) where L. eremia sp. n. was collected on the dunes.

  Part of: Londt JGH, Dikow T (2018) A review of the assassin-fly genus Laphyctis Loew, 1858 with descriptions of two new species (Diptera, Asilidae, Laphriinae). African Invertebrates 59(1): 75-106. https://doi.org/10.3897/afrinvertebr.59.25022