Cis mooihoekite sp. n., sclerites of aedeagus of a paratype from the type locality; the anterior ends are placed to the right and the posterior ends are placed to the left. 9 Sternite VIII 10 Basal piece (top) and gross outline of basal piece (bottom) 11 Tegmen (top) and gross outline of tegmen excluding membranes (bottom), note emarginations near apex (arrows) 12 Penis. Scale bar: 0.1 mm.

  Part of: Souza-Gonçalves I, Lopes-Andrade C (2018) The Cis bilamellatus species-group (Coleoptera, Ciidae) in southern Africa: Cis mooihoekite sp. n. and new distributional records. African Invertebrates 59(1): 25-35.