Kibaleana apicospinosa sp. n., male terminalia. A Dorsal view B Tergite IX and cerci, dorsal view C Tergite IX, cerci and hypoproct, ventral view D Male terminalia, dorsal view, tergite IX detached E Aedeagal complex, dorsal view F Medial part of gonocoxite, ventral view G Basal part of gonostylus, dorsal view H Apical part of gonostylus, ventral view. Abbreviations: aed = aedeagus; aed ap = aedeagal apodeme; cer = cercus; ej ap = ejaculatory apodeme; gc = gonocoxite; gc ap = gonocoxal apodeme; gc vmp = ventromedial process of gonocoxite; gst = gonostylus; gst bp = basal process of gonostylus; hyp = hypoproct; par = paramere; par ap = parameral apodeme; tg 9 = tergite IX.

  Part of: Kurina O, Mantič M, Ševčík J (2017) A remarkable new genus of Keroplatidae (Insecta, Diptera) from the Afrotropical region, with DNA sequence data. African Invertebrates 58(1): 93-105.