Kibaleana apicospinosa sp. n., male. A Head, frontal view B Compound eye, closer view C Head, frontal view D Maxillary palpus, posterior view. Abbreviations: clyp = clypeus; eye = compound eye; fc = face; flgm = flagellomeres; fr = frons; lbl = labellum; lin = lingua; l oc = lateral ocellus; m oc = medial ocellus; ped = pedicel; plp = segments of maxillary palpus; scp = scape.

  Part of: Kurina O, Mantič M, Ševčík J (2017) A remarkable new genus of Keroplatidae (Insecta, Diptera) from the Afrotropical region, with DNA sequence data. African Invertebrates 58(1): 93-105.