Photographs of Trichoura pardeos sp. n. (paratype USNMENT01115152) and habitat: 10 dorsal (Morphbank #860646) 11 lateral (#860648) 12 head anterior (#860650) 13–14 rocky hill habitat at type locality at Tierberg Nature Reserve, Keimoes, Northern Cape, South Africa (28°43'01"S 020°59'48"E). Habitat photographs by T. Dikow. Scale bars: 1 mm.

  Part of: Londt J, Dikow T (2016) A review of the genus Trichoura Londt, 1994 with the description of a new species from the Northern Cape Province of South Africa and a key to world Willistonininae (Diptera, Asilidae). African Invertebrates 57(2): 119-135.